Hollywood hunk Mark Wahlberg has slammed Eminem, Matt Damon and Ben Affleck for giving a false impression of tough, impoverished childhoods in their music and films.

The PLANET OF THE APES star has lambasted Damon, his co-star in new movie THE DEPARTED, for romanticising difficult upbringings in Good Will Hunting, his debut film with Affleck.

Wahlberg - who blames his assault conviction 17 years ago on his harsh childhood - has also attacked rapper Eminem for idealising his difficult formative years in his biopic 8 MILE, in an interview with DETAILS magazine.

The 33-year-old actor complains, "My childhood wasn't like some 8 Mile bulls**t where you go and have a rap-off.

"Or like West Side Story, where you all start dancing and s**t.

"If I make a film about my upbringing it's going to be about more than a f**king kid doing math, like in Good Will Hunting, you know what I mean?"

18/04/2005 21:43