Massachusetts natives Mark Wahlberg and Matt Damon are hoping to team up on the big screen again to play real-life Boston brothers. THE DEPARTED stars are in negotiations to play boxer MICKEY WARD and his half-brother and trainer DICK EKLUND in a hardhitting new project. Wahlberg has been fighting to land rights to the Ward biopic for years and he wants Damon in his corner when the cameras start rolling. He says, "Me and Matt have been really excited about it and hopefully it's the next movie we make. "I was a huge fan of Mickey Ward and I tried to get the rights to his story but the rights have been sold so many times to so many different people... I never thought it was gonna happen." But when movie bosses at 20th Century Fox decided to make the movie, they asked Wahlberg if he'd be interested in the lead. He adds, "There's no story that I want to do more than this one. I'm just praying that it's gonna happen. Me and Matt will do an amazing job of playing brothers." It'll be the first time Wahlberg has played a boxer on the big screen - something he's been keen to do for years. He explains, "I was gonna do the VINNIE CURTO story with (ROBERT) DE NIRO, who was gonna play (legendary trainer) ANGELO DUNDEE, but that fell apart."