Mark Wahlberg was advised by Mel Gibson not to ''pass'' on any movies.

The 'Deepwater Horizon' star has revealed how the Hollywood actor and director had advised him to take any and all work opportunities he could.

He said: ''He passed on a lot of movies, a lot of really good movies. And he told me, 'You should get it while there's time. Get it while it's there. If you've got an opportunity, work.'''

And the 46-year-old actor has developed a very ''aggressive'' work ethic.

Speaking more generally about his work ethic, he added: ''The only way to be the best is to keep working like you got nothing. Keep getting after it, and be more and more aggressive, more and more focused every day. I don't know. I have more drive and desire now than I ever have.''

Mark also puts a lot of work into his general health and fitness and has shared his workout routine with his fans.

He told the January/February issue of Men's Health magazine: ''I don't play basketball anymore because I don't want to roll an ankle and miss a movie or screw up my golf game ... I'm doing [the Versaclimber] twice a day and jumping rope ... If I wake up at 3:30, I can go to the golf course at 6:30, be done by 8:30, and then be home and then do the rest of my stuff: work with a physiotherapist, get treatment, hit the cryo chamber.''