Pop hunk-turned-movie star Mark Wahlberg is a changed man, thanks to the love of a good woman.

The Italian Job actor has given up his playboy ways to settle down with model Rhea Durham, 24, who is due to have the couple's first child in August (03).

Wahlberg explains, "I'd been going out with people who were upset if we didn't go out to a premiere and get photographed.

"She is the person I was looking for. I can trust her in ways I can't trust myself. That means a lot to me, because I'm very private in my real feelings and thoughts."

Asked whether it was love at first sight between them, the actor giggles, "No. Sex at first sight," adding, "We just grew together. She has strong morals and high standards, and I like that."

29/05/2003 13:30