Mark Wahlberg has warned his fans to be wary of scammers using his face.

The 48-year-old actor took to social media on Thursday (24.10.19) to tell his followers to ''be careful'' whilst online, as there are alleged scammers using the star's face to get his fans to send them thousands of dollars.

Mark started his post by lightheartedly sharing a poorly photoshopped image of his face on top of someone's body, holding a sign that reads ''My dear, you are my dear friend. I can't in anyway do anything to hurt you, trust me.''

The photo was sent to someone alongside a text that read, ''Text me on my WhatsApp okay'', and although the 'Shooter' star acknowledged the photoshop job wasn't great, he revealed there have been some unfortunate fans who have fallen for the cruel trick and sent money to the alleged scammers.

He wrote: ''Your laugh for the day - an imposter sent this poorly photoshopped image to convince a fan she was really talking to me. On a serious note, though, please do not send money to anyone claiming to be me. We just heard yesterday about someone being scammed out of $85,000 - be careful! Only one verified acct each on Insta, Facebook and Twitter. I'm not on WhatsApp, Hangouts, Messenger, Snapchat or TikTok. (You can send screenshots of fake accts to be removed to and my team will take care of it.) (sic)''

Mark isn't the only star to have had his likeness stolen either, as earlier this year, Hugh Jackman also warned his fans to stay vigilant online after alleged scammers set up fake social media profiles pretending to be the 'Greatest Showman' star.

He wrote: ''Hi ALL:

''Thanks so much for making me aware of people using my name and likeness to create fake social media accounts. I understand these people are asking you for money to meet me. (sic)''

The 51-year-old actor then urged his fans not to give anyone their financial information.

He added: ''Please know this ... I have and will never ask anyone to pay to meet me on social media. Please do NOT give anyone you do not know your personal or financial information! (sic)''

And Hugh also slammed social media for being ''dangerous'', as he warned his followers that the fake profiles are a ''scam'', and pleaded that they keep themselves ''safe''.

In his message, the 'Logan' actor wrote: ''Social media, when used correctly, can be amazing. I love that it allows me to share my journey from every part of the world. However, it can also be dangerous. Please hear me ... If someone claiming to be me is asking you for money ... It is a SCAM. Please keep yourselves and your family safe.

''Love HJ (sic)''