Mark Wahlberg wants to work with Ben Affleck.

The 'Ted' actor thinks Golden Globe winner Ben - who picked up the Best Director and Best Motion Picture Drama awards for his drama 'Argo' at the Los Angeles-based ceremony on Sunday evening (13.01.13) - is a supremely talented filmmaker and admits he would love to team up with him in the future, despite their inherent rivalry as Massachusetts-born actors.

Speaking about his competitive relationship with Ben and fellow actor Matt Damon, he told the Boston Herald newspaper: ''I don't throw the compliments around when it comes to other Boston guys. I'll be the first to admit that the three of us are all very competitive; we want to outdo each other.

''But I am very impressed by [Ben's] abilities behind the camera. I am a fan and he's proven himself to be a force of nature. He's got the goods and I want to work with him.''

Mark, 41, grew up in Boston, Massachusetts whereas best friends Ben, 40 and Matt, 42, come from nearby Cambridge, but he is willing to put their hometown rivalry behind them for the sake of Ben's talent and believes the actor-turned-director's Iranian hostage drama deserved its acclaim.

Ben was stunned at his win last weekend, however, telling the crowd during his acceptance speech: ''I'm thrilled about my Globe win. This is an incredible moment in my professional life and is really significant.''

Meanwhile, Mark's next projects include a role in 'Transformers 4', producing a hacker thriller for Universal and starring in the follow-up to last year's smash comedy, 'Ted 2', which he promises will be ''sick''.