Mark Wahlberg thought 'Ted' was ''hilarious'' as soon as he read The Script.

The 'Fighter' actor stars in the comedy - about a slacker, his teddy bear best friend and his girlfriend - with Mila Kunis and knew straight away he wanted to be a part of the film.

He recalled: ''The script for 'Ted' came in and was absolutely hilarious. Then I started watching some of Seth Macfarlane's work. We met, and we hit it off and so I committed to making Seth's movie.

''It is a live-action film with this motion-capture teddy bear.''

Mark thinks some people will be offended by the film as it ''pushes things'' further than writer Seth MacFarlane's controversial adult animation series 'Family Guy' does.

He added to the Daily Telegraph newspaper: ''The humour in the movie I guess you could say is similar to 'Family Guy' but Seth is probably pushing things a little bit more in this movie.

''I think it is going to offend more people than 'Family Guy' does but, hey I didn't write it. I told them I want that as a disclaimer!''