Mark Wahlberg was more scared on the set of 'Transformers: Age of Extinction' than he had been for any other movie.

The 43-year-old actor has revealed he was terrified while shooting certain scenes on the Hong Kong set of the upcoming fourth film in the series - which follows on from the previous trilogy starring Shia LaBeouf - in which he plays car mechanic Cade Yeager.

Quizzed on whether there was one particular day of filming that was really crazy, he told Collider: ''It got crazy everyday.

''I would say the scene where T.J. Miller's character [Lucas] ... when we're running from that major explosion. That was pretty serious.

''Those guys were setting it up for days before we even got there. It was like, 'Don't blink, don't flinch, do not ruin this shot'.

''And of course running across that building in Hong Kong, that was the most scared I've ever been on a movie.''

Meanwhile, the 'Lone Survivor' actor has also confessed that the script for the upcoming 'Ted' sequel 'Ted 2' made him laugh more than the original.

When asked how he was feeling about reprising his role as layabout John Bennett, he said: ''I can't wait. I start shooting in thirty days and im just itching to get back to Boston and get back into it.

Quizzed on whether the script was funny, he added: ''Of course, yeah, absolutely. Better than the first one.''