Mark Wahlberg insists he has a private gym wherever he goes.

The 'Ted' star is so focused on his fitness goals that he requests a hotel room is converted to a gym wherever he goes and wakes up at 2.30am six days a week so he can fit in two hours of exercise before work.

Recalling a recent visit to the actor's home, Piers Morgan wrote in his diary for Event magazine: ''We discussed [Mark's] legendary fitness regime. He revealed that when he's on location, his team gut a hotel room and create a private gym for him.

'''Talk me through an average day when you're filming,' I said.

'''I wake at 2.30am, and do an hour's hard workout from 3am to 4am, with ten-second breaks. Then we drive to a local basketball court and do two-on-two for an hour.

'''I come back to the hotel at 6am and have a plate of chicken and vegetables before heading to the set around 7am. I do 500 sit-ups through the day in my trailer to keep fresh.

'''I finish at 6pm, go back to the hotel and do 45 minutes' boxing. Then eat and go to bed by 8pm.' ''

Mark has one day off a week, relaxing his regime on Sundays so he can attend church with his family - wife Rhea Durham and children Ella, 11, Michael, eight, Brendan, six, and five-year-old Grace.