Mark Wahlberg has told MTV News that it is a new perspective on life brought on by getting older and having a family that has allowed him to take on a comic role like 'Ted'. The Seth Macfarlane-directed comedy sees Wahlberg starring opposite an animated bear, voiced by MACfarlane himself, and will also star fellow 'Family Guy' actress Mila Kunis star.
Speaking about the ease he had with the role that he might not have found previously, Wahlberg said "I've really found myself in a really comfortable position. I've always said that years ago I wouldn't have been able to do something like this: I was a little too self-conscious. And now, being a married father of four, I don't give a s*** about what anyone thinks. So I'm just ready to get crazy, look stupid, come off as being ridiculous, and that's what acting is."
"I really admire - and I've seen it in some really young actors - coming from a musical background, coming from the street, always worrying about being cool, wanting to be perceived as hip, you don't want to do too many things that may make you look a little skeptical," he continued. "I remember when we were doing 'Four Brothers' and telling Tyrese and Andre Benjamin to look at Garrett Hedlund, and no matter how ridiculous he looked, he would still be willing to try anything, and I admired it." And 'Ted'? "This is full-blown, ass in the air, not caring about anything."