Mark Wahlberg got his wife six advance episodes of the upcoming series of 'Girls' for Christmas.

The 'Lone Survivor' star's wife, Rhea Durham, with whom he has four children, Ella, 10, Michael, seven, Brendan, five, and Grace, four, is a huge fan of the HBO series and was thrilled to be able to watch the third season a few weeks before the first episode premieres in the USA next Sunday (12.01.14).

The 42-year-old actor, who produced 'Entourage' for HBO, told 'The Ellen Degeneres Show' on Wednesday (08.01.14): ''I got my wife a new truck and a necklace. The kids and I went to a jewellery store together and got her a diamond cross, and I got her, because of my relationship with HBO, six advance episodes of her favourite show, 'Girls,' which is her favourite thing of all. Last year it was only three.''

He added: ''She didn't want a truck. She wants like a Maserati or a Porsche or something. I got her a truck because she has her vehicle for the kids and I have my vehicle for the kids, and the vehicle that she had for the kids was another big truck but it was quite messy and she doesn't like mess or clutter so she had been complaining about it for quite a little while so I just got her a new truck that I could use every once in a while.''

Mark is currently on a strict diet and is eating ''next to nothing'' to slim down for his upcoming role as a troubled literary professor in 'The Gambler'.

He said: ''I started out at 190-something (pounds) and I'm down to 159 and I've got another 10 or so to go, but I'm not eating that much. I'm exercising twice a day. I'm eating little to next to nothing. I'm doing it for a reason but it's not fun.''