Mark Wahlberg has admitted raising a teenage daughter is a ''challenge''.

The 47-year-old actor has 14-year-old daughter Ella Rae with his wife Rhea Durham, and he revealed this period is presenting a unique set of challenges and ''a lot of attitude''.

He told PEOPLE magazine: ''It's tough, but people say that they pass through it and they come back to you.

''She wants to be off and doing her thing ... [There's] a lot of attitude, a lot of aggression, a lot of, 'You're the worst, you ruin everything!' ''

Despite that, the proud parent - who also has daughter Grace, eight, and sons Michael, 12, and Brendan Joseph, nine, with his spouse - said he's loving watching his family grow up.

He added: ''We're going to take a vacation back East before they go back to school, I'm excited about that. Football season's about to start for my son.''

And it's not all teenage moodiness for Mark as he still gets to enjoy more innocent childhood things with his youngest daughter Grace.

He laughed: ''My younger daughter is heavy into horses and all that stuff - lots of stuff that keeps her focused and away from boys hopefully until she's 30, which is great!''

One thing both his daughters can agree on is their collective embarrassment over their famous dad's shirtless social media snaps.

Speaking on 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show', he said: ''My daughters get very annoyed by the pictures. I get, 'Dad put a shirt on' all the time. Even if I have a shirt on! If I have on one shirt, they'll say put another shirt on!''