Hollywood hunk Mark Wahlberg and his gorgeous co-star Charlize Theron have defended their decision to star in movie remake THE ITALIAN JOB - because it is radically different to the classic 1969 original.

The actors are keen to point out that the new version is only loosely based on the MICHAEL CAINE-starring original, and Charlize admits they didn't even think about replicating its classic cliffhanging ending.

She says, "I loved the original, I can't remember seeing any ending like that.

"But when I read the script I realised there was a nice balance of not trying to touch those classic moments in the original, just paying attention to those bits which didn't work as well.

Co-star Mark says, "I didn't speak to Michael Caine before filming but I would love to know if he has seen the movie and if he liked it.

"But I think we have done the original justice."

16/09/2003 17:01