Mark Wahlberg stays in shape by playing golf.

The 'Contraband' star doesn't mind have to put on weight or bulk up for film roles but when he is not working he admits his exercise regime is simple.

He said: "I don't really try to keep in shape. If I have to do it for a movie, whether it's being in shape or out of shape, then I'll do it for the job. That's part of the gig. But other than that I just like to swing a club."

Although Mark was renowned for partying in his youth, he now enjoys a quieter life in California with his wife of over 10 years Rhea Durham and their four kids Ella, eight, Michael, five, Brendan, three, and two-year-old Grace.

He told Total Film magazine: "I loved New York when I was going out till four or five in the morning getting high. But now there are too many people stacked on top of each other. I hate having my kids in New York too. People smashing into people, cabs flying around. It's crazy."