Salling was arrested for possession of child porn on 29 December (15), following a police raid on his home in California, and while many associates insist the star was set up and perhaps the victim of a computer hacker, the pal who dashed to the actor's home to look after his pets while he was in custody isn't so sure.

Mark's friend of 13 years, Hudson Wells, tells In Touch the star is "devastated".

"He's reeling from the whole thing," Hudson tells the publication. "He's devastated. He's ruined.

"I don't know whether he's guilty of what he's been charged with, but I think there's got to be some sort of substance to the allegations. I don't think the police would have gone to his house and taken him to jail if he was completely innocent."

And Wells insists any number of his friend's bitter ex-girlfriends could have turned him into a police target.

"With his fame, he gets women whenever he wants," the friend tells In Touch. "I think he could have made wiser decisions."