Actor Mark Salling has hit back at a former lover for filing a "fraudulent" lawsuit against him, insisting allegations the Glee star forced her to have unprotected sex are completely false.

Roxanne Gorzela claims she consented to have sex with Salling in March, 2011, but insisted that he use protection.

According to legal papers filed earlier this month (Jan13), he allegedly refused and proceeded to "insert his penis into (her) vagina without a condom".

She confronted Salling at his home weeks later, but was stunned to reportedly find him in bed with another woman and subsequently demanded proof that he hadn't given her a sexually transmitted disease.

He is said to have responded by pushing her to the ground, prompting her to file a police report, which was followed up with a lawsuit for damages.

However, Salling is adamant the accusations are all made up and he is eager for the case to go to court so he can clear his name.

He tells E! News, "With the most recent incident, you hear about fraudulent lawsuits all the time and until it happens to you, you really don't grasp what it does to not just you, but to your family, and you want the legal process to start as soon as possible but it just takes time... I just want the chance to defend myself and I will, vigorously."

Salling admits he has never really experienced being the talk of the tabloids so he is trying to remain positive and hopes justice will prevail.

He says, "It's the first time for me so you kinda have to learn as you go but like anything else, you have to stay positive and count on the people who actually do know you and do love you, and that you love as well, friends and family... so you just have to stay positive. (Also there is) my relationship with Jesus Christ so I count on that myself, and my parents are awesome too."