Mark Rylance would be a ''fantastic'' James Bond, according to Jonathan Holmes.

The actor - who plays the Childchewer in 'The BFG' - believes his co-star in the film adaptation of Roald Dahl's 1982 story would be the ideal candidate to follow in Daniel Craig and Roger Moore's footsteps and play the secret agent in the spy thriller because he thinks Rylance can do ''anything''.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz about his views on Rylance for the iconic role, he said: ''He would [make a good James Bond].

''He made an extraordinary Olivia in 'Twelfth Night', and you know, there are most of us, who are craftsman, a working actor who works at their craft constantly, and there are few people who elevate what we do to a real art form, and he is certainly one of those guys. He can sort of do anything really! He has such a vast range, and he is so, so charismatic that if he wanted to play James Bond, I'm sure he would be fantastic at it.''

The Canadian star has revealed he loved working with the dark haired hunk - who plays the lead role as the Big Friendly Giant - in the fantasy adventure movie because he was very ''encouraging'' during filming.

He explained: ''I didn't meet Mark until the first day of the project, and he was just really encouraging. He had just come from filming 'Bridge of Spies'. Him and Steven literally wrapped 'Bridge of Spies' and then moved on to filming 'The BFG'. Mark told me, 'Everyone's great and just enjoy it. Just enjoy the ride.' He was just really encouraging.''

And Holmes has revealed he was shocked to be cast in the movie half way through his career.

He said: ''It was brilliant to make this movie! It's nothing that you ever really expect to happen, to get to make something like this when I'm sort of mid-career, it's just fantastic.''