Mark Ruffalo's wife persuaded him to sign up for new movie THE KIDS ARE ALL RIGHT after their Hollywood pal Julianne Moore revealed he had turned down the role to spend time with his family.
Moore struck up a friendship with Ruffalo's wife, Sunrise Coigney, before production began on the film - about a lesbian couple whose kids embark on a search for the identity of their sperm donor father.
Coigney fell in love with the script but was surprised to learn from Moore, Ruffalo's Kids co-star, that her husband had rejected the part - so she decided to confront him to make him change his mind.
In an interview with USA Today, Moore recalls, "We (her and Coigney) were texting about something and she was like, 'Whatever happened with that movie you were doing?' And I said, 'Mark said he can't do it because he doesn't want to be away from you guys and he's been working so much.' And she said, 'That's crazy, I like that movie. I don't care if he goes away.'"
And Moore acknowledges the movie wouldn't have been made if Coigney had not stepped in.
She says, "If it weren't for my deep and abiding friendship with his wife, Sunrise, it would never have happened."