Actor Mark Ruffalo's marriage proposal to his wife SUNRISE had an unusual interruption - when his car hit a deer.

The ETERNAL SUNSHINE OF A SPOTLESS MIND star and his wife have been married for four years (begs00), but Ruffalo admits proposing to Sunrise was a bizarre affair.

He says, "I worked up this grand scheme. We'd moved to upstate New York and I was gonna take her to a five-star restaurant there, but it was really only a two-star restaurant...

"We were driving and it was a beautiful evening and the sun was just going down. There was a beautiful lake and we were looking out at (it) and I was thinking, 'This is gonna work.'

"Then I saw a flash of tan and black... we had hit a deer! The deer slid up onto the car, took a dump and then slid off, and then ran away. I think we knocked the c**p out of him!

"So I turned to her and I said, 'What do you make of that, dear?' And she said, 'It's a good luck charm. We hit a deer and it got up and walked away and it was fine. That's like a metaphor for our lives. We have these terrible things happen but in the end it's okay.' I said, 'But who's gonna clean the car?'"

18/08/2004 08:52