Mark Ruffalo claims his singing has put women off dating him.

The actor stars opposite Keira Knightley in new romantic comedy 'Begin Again', set in New York City's musical scene, but won't be showing off his own vocal skills on camera any time soon.

The '13 Going on 30' star admits his phobia stems from the time he went on a disastrous date with a girl who dumped him after hearing his strange ''dork'' singing.

He told London Live: ''I was having a date with a girl and I thought it was going very well so I put on some music, The Police, and she was liking that and I started to sing along. And then I realised she was just staring at me.

''Then just out of her mouth came, 'You're... such a dork'. I don't think she realised she'd said that but that was the last time I ever went out with her.''

Mark also revealed he attempted to sing in the movie, but it was axed by producers for everyone's sake.

He revealed: ''I did sing in the movie but it was cut out. I think it might have been that bad. And I'm terrible at karaoke. I don't like it. It's not a pleasant experience for me. Or the audience.''

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