Mark Ruffalo has praised Italian fashion house Valentino as ''really cool''.

The 'Avengers: Infinity War' actor was amongst the high profile guests at the fashion house's men's show on Wednesday (17.01.18), and has praised the items in the collection, although he admitted his own style is often more subdued than the bold pieces in the showcase.

He said: ''I loved the spikes, the embroidered stuff was really cool.''

The 50-year-old actor was joined at the show by fellow actor Glen Powell, who admitted his ''masculine'' style was well suited to Valentino's collection, as he enjoys being able to wear trousers which aren't too tight fitting.

Speaking to after the show, Glen said: ''I grew up on a ranch wearing Wranglers, like J.R. Ewing, only I've never killed any people in my family.

''My style comes from a very masculine point and Valentino has a very masculine fit. It's built for corn-fed guys like me. My mom has this phrase, 'You're wearing pants so tight, you can't tell what religion you are,' and Valentino doesn't do that to me.''

The collection - which was designed by Pierpaolo Piccioli - explores themes of masculinity, and the show notes described the pieces as a ''rebellion''.

They read: ''Authentic rebellion has a grace. It does not scream, it is a state of mind.''

And speaking backstage at the show, designer Pierpaolo claimed the collection was designed to give men the ''freedom'' to be whoever they want to be.

He said: ''It's about the personal gesture. It's about the freedom for men to be exactly who you are. I think this is a moment when men are thinking about themselves. After centuries of rules, men maybe in these [last] three decades are trying to express themselves.''