The Avengers star, who is an outspoken environmental activist, has teamed up with documentary director Jon Bowermaster to executive produce and narrate Dear President Obama.

Ruffalo took on the project because he believes Obama's policies on environmental issues are wrong.

"When you have the president saying that climate change is absolutely for real and we must do something about it, and then in the next breath he says we must start drilling in the Arctic circle... there's a huge disconnect..." Ruffalo tells The Hollywood Reporter. "His own scientists are telling him we have to keep that carbon in the ground otherwise we are doomed."

The actor wants Obama to clamp down on drilling and change America's stance on renewable energy schemes.

"(Obama has) to stop this drill, baby, drill... energy policy that he has taken our country on. You can't have it both ways. You can't keep pushing to take all the carbon out of the earth, which will be burned, while at the same time saying you believe in climate science."

The documentary will explore the impact of deep-sea drilling and fracking, the controversial gas extraction method, and the filmmakers will advise the U.S. Government on how to use more renewable energy sources.