Mark Ruffalo thinks it's ''hot'' when other men check out his wife.

The 44-year-old actor - who has children Keen, 10, Bella, six and four-year-old Odette with wife Sunrise Coigney - does not mind if others find his wife attractive as it ''tickles'' him.

He said: ''I would never fancy myself as a ladies' man and I never really had any girl chasing me growing up. Or later, for that matter.

''My wife's like, 'Get over it, you're not all that.' But it adds intrigue. My wife is very attractive and I've seen guys checking her out and I get tickled by that. It's hot.''

Mark and Sunrise have been married since 2000, and he admits he loves her so much because she's ''been through a lot'' with him.

He added to Britain's ELLE magazine: ''She tells the truth and she's deeply loyal. She's a friend and she really holds me up. She's been through a lot with me.''