The actor, who is a prominent supporter of Hillary Clinton's opponent in the race to be named the Democratic candidate in November's (16) presidential election, appeared in the advert alongside film director Mark Clarke.

The advert, which will aired in Mark's home state of Wisconsin ahead of Tuesday's (05Apr16) Democratic presidential primary election sees him call for people to vote for the Vermont Senator to bring about what he calls a "re-love-lution," saying Bernie's campaign is "based on a kind of love".

The Spotlight star does not show much love for the American political system however, as he addresses voters in between clips of the left-wing candidate on the campaign trail.

"People feel like they have given up on the system, and that is exactly what the bad guys want us to do - they want us to give up on the system," he said in the commercial.

Talking of those bad guys, and his sense of injustice he adds, "There's just no justice. You break the law, it doesn't mean anything, you hurt people, it doesn't mean anything. You steal from people, it doesn't mean anything."

Despite a string of recent victories for Bernie in recent primary elections, Hillary is still the overwhelming favourite to become the Democratic Party's presidential candidate.

She counts among her celebrity supporters and fundraisers, Katy Perry, George Clooney and Demi Lovato, while in addition to Mark, Bernie can draw upon the support of Rosario Dawson, Susan Sarandon and Spike Lee.

Spike has also filmed a campaign advert for Bernie and campaigned alongside Rosario for the politician at a New York rally last Thursday (31Mar16).