Mark Ruffalo, Courteney Cox and Leann Rimes are among the stars who have honoured America's forefathers and armed forces in celebration of the Independence Day holiday (04Jul13).

Celebrities flocked to their blogs on Thursday to mark the special occasion, 237 years after their country's founding fathers successfully defeated British troops in the American Revolution.

Remembering the historic declaration of independence, The Avengers star Ruffalo writes, "Happy 4th of July. May the True Meaning of this great experiment our forefathers started live on. Keep fighting the Good fight."

Cox tweets, "Happy 4th! So grateful to all those who've served so that I may live in this great country!", while actress Patty Duke posts, "It's the 4th, Happy 4th of July to you all. Be safe and have great time. Remember to say a prayer for all our soldiers near and far."

Country singer Rimes writes, "Thank you to all our service men and women for their service to our beautiful country", and Nancy Sinatra adds, "Keep sovereignty in your life and ignore bullies and bigots. Remember our troops - Independence has a price. Be safe."

Meanwhile, rapper Pitbull, whose parents hail from communist Cuba, urges fans to cherish their freedom: "Happy 4th of July to all my fans out there.. Go celebrate your independence because your freedom is the best gift you've ever received".

Others celebrating Independence Day online include Rob Lowe, Samuel L. Jackson, Jim Carrey, Eva Longoria and Nick and Joe Jonas.