The Avengers start Mark Ruffalo has spoken of his regret at going online to determine the fans reaction to the announcement that he had been cast as The Hulk. During a press conference at the London premiere of this movie this week Ruffalo said he was surprised at some of the "brutal" comments from comic-book diehards.
It appears some fans may have preferred for Eric Bana to reprise his role as Dr Bruce Banner, with Ruffalo quoted by Den of as saying, "I was overcome by a moment of very poor judgement early on, by going online and seeing the response to me coming in and being cast as Dr Banner", adding, "I won't do that again! It wasn't glowing, and I found the fan's exuberant passion to be very, very brutal". The Hollywood star can probably rest easy now, given that the movie had received a swathe of positive reviews ahead of its release on Friday (April 20, 2012). The movie currently holds a near perfect 95 per cent rating on the review aggregating website Rotten Tomatoes, with Film4 critic Catherine Bray writing, "Marvel's finest heroes finally come together to set a comic book franchise gold standard that will take some beating".
Others starring in the much-hyped movie include Robert Downey Jr as Iron Man, Scarlett Johansson as the Black Widow and Chris Evans as Captain America.