Super producer Mark Ronson has lashed out at the British tabloids for upsetting his longterm girlfriend over false reports he's having an affair with Amy Winehouse. The 32-year-old - who produced the troubled singer's last album Back To Black - has been accused of spending the night with Winehouse at K West Hotel in London, after the pair were photographed leaving the swanky establishment on Friday (11Jan08). However, Ronson insists there is "no possibility" of romance with the Rehab hitmaker - and he's furious with the tabloid press for forcing him to deny the unrelenting allegations that are bringing down his girlfriend Cosi Theodoli-Brasch. He tells WENN, "I am sick of talking about it. It's getting very boring. Amy is a friend. "And it is actually quite distressing for my girlfriend. She knows there's nothing in it, but I am fed up of denying (an affair)."