Music producer Mark Ronson was nervous when Michael Jackson was tried on child abuse charges - as the pop superstar used to visit him as a kid. The Valerie hitmaker grew up in New York alongside John Lennon's son Sean, and the pair received regular visits from Jackson. Ronson never found it strange that the Thriller singer liked to spend time with kids - but admits when the star was accused of child molestation he started to consider the friendly visits in a new light. He says, "At the time, he was the biggest star in the world. But because my stepfather was a musician, it didn't seem that out of the ordinary. "Michael Jackson was a guy whose records I loved, but he just watched videos with us and ran around playing with a toy laser. "At the time I didn't think twice about it. Now, of course, I look back on it and wonder, 'Did anything odd happen?'. But it didn't." Jackson was acquitted of all charges in 2005.