Superproducer Mark Ronson was unfazed by the barrage of death threats he received after covering a song by British band The Smiths - because songwriters Morrissey and Johnny Marr sanctioned the track.
The DJ re-recorded the group's 1987 song Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before with singer Daniel Merriweather for his album Version.
Following the release of the track in 2007, both Ronson and Merriweather were targeted by angry devotees of the band, who sent them grisly warnings via the web.
But Ronson insists the threats didn't bother him - because The Smiths frontman Morrissey and guitarist Marr were happy with his efforts.
He tells Britain's NME Radio, "People took umbrage with the fact that I was taking these sacred cows of indie music and doing my own versions of them. If Morrissey and Johnny Marr give their consent I can't be worried about what some 16 year old in his bedroom thinks.
"But I do like the fact that a 16 year old cares enough to send me a MySpace death threat. As long as he doesn't follow through on it."