Producer Mark Ronson has blasted claims that his chilled-out attitude is a result of smoking marijuana, insisting he's a naturally "mellow" person. The New Yorker DJ - who admits he can be quite clumsy - has also been accused of having mental problems, but believes his lack of bodily coordination is innate. He says, "I am mellow. People think that I have a funny way of talking, so they think I'm a bit mentally slow, or I'm on painkillers all the time. And because I talk slow, a lot of people think I'm stoned a lot, which is amusing. "There's a club in Las Vegas I have a residency at; sometimes I walk into the DJ booth and when I come out, people be like, 'Man, how high was Ronson? He was so high!' and I'm like, 'I don't smoke weed!' It's the weirdest thing for me."