Superproducer Mark Ronson was left red-faced after a mugging incident in New York - because he was so nervous he thanked the thieves as they made their escape.
Ronson was walking through the streets of the Big Apple when a group of men accosted him and stole his possessions.
The star was so shocked by the incident, he froze while the thieves calmly discussed their plans - and he even joined in when they made a 'thank you and goodbye' hand gesture.
He tells Britain's The Times, "As they're coming to the end of mugging me, I'm still standing there and they're making their plans. One of them is, like, 'We'll meet you back at so-and-so's house', and they knock fists together. And, because I had so many nerves running through me, I actually put my hand out and did the same. Like, 'Yeah, thanks for that'."