Mark Ronson believes tattoos are the key to lasting relationships.

The 'Bang Bang Bang' singer - who is in a relationship with French actress Josephine de La Baume and has previously dated actress-and-singer Rashida Jones, model Daisy Lowe and musician Tennessee Thomas - insists that having a permanent inking of a loved one's name restricts the temptation to do anything that would ruin a romance.

When asked the key to making a relationship work, he said: "Get a tattoo of her name on your arm - it will stop you from doing anything stupid."

The 34-year-old star also spoke about his romantic side, admitting that he recently hired a boat as a surprise birthday gift for his girlfriend, and though they were put off by the cold London weather, he thinks she appreciated the gesture.

He explained in an interview on UK TV show 'GMTV': "It was her birthday just recently and we got a little boat and sailed up the Thames.

"It was freezing and we only stayed on it for 20 minutes but the thought meant a lot to her."