Mark Ronson finds it hard to get a date.

The music producer - who is in a relationship with French actress Josephine de La Baume and has previously dated actress-and-singer Rashida Jones, model Daisy Lowe and musician Tennessee Thomas - insists he is clueless when it comes to speaking to the opposite sex.

He said: "I'm terrible at pulling. Most girls I've been with I've had to apologise my way into a date."

Mark has previously collaborated with British singers Amy Winehouse and Lily Allen but says his relationship with both stars would never be more platonic.

He told Zoo magazine: "Those girls are like my sisters - that would be like incest. Wrong and grotesque."  

The 'Stop Me' hitmaker recently admitted he felt like a "cliché" when he was in a relationship with Daisy two years ago.

He said: "I look back at pictures of myself from that time and I simply don't recognise myself.

"I'd go out for a beer after a gig and my photo would be everywhere the next day.

"It must have looked like I was living this vapid lifestyle and getting wasted every night.

"Daisy is really sweet but I look back and realise I was turning into a cliche.

"At one point, it seemed normal to be in the papers every day. But that's not normal for me. I'm a DJ and producer. I'm supposed to be one of the indoor kids."