Mark Ronson felt like a "cliche" when he was dating Daisy Lowe.

The 34-year-old DJ - who had a brief relationship with the British model in 2008 - admits his partying in the public eye got out of control to a point where he could no longer recognise himself.

He said: "I look back at pictures of myself from that time and I simply don't recognise myself.

"I'd go out for a beer after a gig and my photo would be everywhere the next day.

"It must have looked like I was living this vapid lifestyle and getting wasted every night.

"Daisy is really sweet but I look back and realise I was turning into a cliche.

"At one point, it seemed normal to be in the papers every day. But that's not normal for me. I'm a DJ and producer. I'm supposed to be one of the indoor kids."

Mark also insisted his close friend and former collaborator Amy Winehouse isn't "squandering" her talent, despite her third album being much delayed due to her hard-partying ways.

He told the Daily Mail newspaper: "I haven't recorded anything new with Amy but I don't think she's squandering her talent.

"You have to go through life and pick up experiences before writing new songs.

"She's a smart girl and she's the only one who knows what's going through her head. I'm sure she'll come up with another great album."