Mark Ronson's wife Josephine De La Baume loved choosing her wedding dress.

The model-and-actress tied the knot with the music producer at a ceremony in Aix-en-Provence, France, and she insists she enjoyed every minute of creating her bridal gown, which was embellished with pearls and a cropped veil.

Josephine - who was born near to where the ceremony was held - told Elle magazine: "My wedding dress was designed by my friend Zac Posen. We had the same vision from the start and every fitting was fun - it means so much to me that it was made with love and attention. Zac can make any woman look glamorous. He studies the person rather than just dressing them in a design."

The 28-year-old beauty - who is the singer in the band SINGTANK - has also revealed her fashion inspiration is the actress Lauren Bacall.

Josephine became entranced with the Hollywood legend when she was growing up and her glamorous style has stayed with her throughout her life.

She explained: "My style icon is Lauren Bacall. I used to copy her when I was seven and I first watched her in movies. She's the ultimate androgynous woman, but still really sexy. It's the balance between wearing men's jackets and her deep voice, with that soft, feminine hair."