Actors Nicholas Hoult, Paul Bettany and Vincent Cassel also made the coveted Best-Dressed Men list, alongside Stella MCCartney's fashion-forward husband Alasdhair Willis.

Naming Ronson the recipient of the Beyond 'Beyond Retro' Award, MrPorter deputy editor Adam Welch writes: "In 2015, we saw many sartorial sides to Mr Mark Ronson, all of them good, and all of them not just stylish but inventively so. In fact, he's been a bit of chameleon this year, stepping beyond the quiffy, 1950s rock 'n' roll look, with which he's frequently associated and giving us 1970s languor, Eastern promise (in his tux, collar brooch and slippers combo at this year's Met Ball) and even a bit of streetwear.

"He's also very much on the pulse of the contemporary scene... Let's hope his outfits continue to plough through the annals of style with equal vigour in 2016."

Beckham was named the recipient of the David Beckham Award for Best David Beckham Outfit, while fellow Brit Bettany picked up the Cool Like '52 Award, and Hoult landed the Best Jazzy Suit Award for the burgundy Alexander MCQueen outfit he wore to the Los Angeles premiere of Mad Max: Fury Road.

Meanwhile, Frenchman Cassell picked up the 'Yes We Cannes' Award for his effortless style at the Cannes Film Festival in May (15), and Willis scored the Not-a-Hair-Out-of-Place Award.