Singer Mark Owen was pressured back into the studio to relaunch his solo career by former Take That bandmate Gary Barlow.

After six years out of the spotlight Mark is back with new single FOUR MINUTE WARNING and is grateful towards Barlow - now a songwriter - for being the driving force behind his comeback.

Mark explains, "This is my second chance of a comeback and I'm determined to make it work. Not many people get a second bite at the cherry. It's like a dream at the moment and any minute now I'm going to wake up.

"I went through stages when I thought I should call it a day and do something else but I had people around me who wouldn't let me stop. I wrote some tracks with Gary and it was great to work with him again."

The floppy-haired singer adds, "He is a real task-master and wouldn't let us leave the studio until it was finished. It was hard work."

29/07/2003 13:59