Mark Owen's wife is taking him back for the sake of their children.

Emma Ferguson has told the Take That singer they owe it to 15-month old daughter Willow Rose and son Elwood, three, to try and work things out after he confessed last week to having sex with 10 other women during his relationship with her.

A source close to the family said: "Emma will do absolutely anything for her beautiful children. Mark has been a complete idiot - which he openly admits - but it doesn't stop him being a brilliant dad.

"He dotes over those kids and Emma knows it. It's a long road ahead. But for the sake of their children, she will forgive him."

Mark, 38, has checked into rehab to get help for alcohol dependency since his admission to Emma and has vowed to stay there "indefinitely" until he overcomes his problem.

A source close to him told The Sun newspaper: "He begged her to give him time to prove he can give up drinking forever.

"He said he might feel strong enough to come home after just one week, or it might take a month or more.

"He is doing everything to convince her he is worth staying with."

Emma, 33, has been comforted by friends at the family's home in London.

She now needs time to work out how she can fully forgive Mark, who she married last November after five years together.

A friend added: "Emma wants so much to believe this could never happen again - she just needs time to heal and consider whether she can fully forgive."

Mark's bandmates - Gary Barlow, Howard Donald and Jason Orange - are lending him their full support, as well as former Take That star Robbie Williams.