British R+B singer Mark Morrison has been prevented from releasing an album, after losing a legal battle with his former record company.

KEVIN CAMPBELL, an EVERTON soccer player and the owner of 2 WIKID RECORDS, signed Morrison to his label and claims he spent thousands producing his disc INNOCENT MAN.

Morrison now wants to release the album after Christmas (27DEC04) through another label, but a furious Campbell has won an injunction stopping him.

Campbell says, "I'm glad we were granted the injunction but I'm completely gutted that we have had to go that far.

"Mark Morrison was given everything he asked for by 2 Wikid but it seems that he couldn't help but return to his old ways."

But Morrison is determined the album will be released.

He says, "The injunction is ludicrous. I signed a new deal with a new record company because I was not getting the support I needed from 2 Wikid. I was with that label for a year and in that time released just one record, which was not properly promoted.

"The whole world is waiting for this album and it will come out on December 27. No injunction or judge will stop it. The Mack will return."

The case will be held in London's High Court on 20 December (04).

13/12/2004 14:03