Rocker Mark Mcgrath is calling a "truce" with all of his fellow celebrities, fearing they'll avoid him now he's become a presenter for an entertainment news show.

The Sugar Ray frontman took up duties co-hosting EXTRA! on Monday (13SEP04), and has now realised that many stars are starting to look at him differently

He says, "I've done my time in this beautiful city of Hollywood and done my dirt as well, so (celebrities) kinda have the same on me. So I'm calling a truce out to everybody right now. Let's just get down and move forwards. Onwards and upwards."

But one factor of McGrath's new job which may not sit well with the stars is that he's now a regular reader of the tabloids.

He adds, "I shamefully admit that I do read the tabloids. It's a fun thing. I don't base my life on them. But the thing about the tabloids is that now at Extra! I'm supposed to read 'them. It's required reading. You gotta be hip. You gotta be in touch when you're interviewing someone."

McGrath includes Sir Paul McCartney on his list of people he'd most like to interview.

17/09/2004 08:36