BLINK 182 stars Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker have formed a side project during the punk trio's hiatus.

The duo have formed an electronic band, called PLUS 44, with former GET THE GIRL star CAROL HELLER.

Frontman Hoppus tells MTV NEWS, "It's very exciting, like a breath of fresh air.

"It's all very electronic right now. We have a girl singing part of the vocals. She and I are trading off vocals. Travis is going on the Warped Tour with the Transplants, and we'll record up until he leaves. And if the record's done at that point, we'll release the record later this year."

The name for the new group is a reference to the country code needed when placing a phone call to the United Kingdom, because that's where Hoppus and Barker first discussed the new band.

11/04/2005 21:39