Mark Hamill ''refuses to believe'' Luke Skywalker is dead.

The 66-year-old actor seemingly said goodbye to his beloved 'Star Wars' character in the eighth installment of the franchise, 'The Last Jedi', but he still doesn't think that was the end for his Jedi alter ego.

He told the BBC: ''I refuse to believe that he's gone. My theory is he just teleported to somewhere else and left his robe behind.

''He teleported to a nudist colony - that's what I'm hoping.''

While 'The Last Jedi' is up for four Oscars at the Academy Awards on Sunday (04.03.18), Mark insisted he isn't too bothered about recognition.

He said: ''It's nice but that's not why you do it - you do it for the passion and that's why you should do it, not because you think it's going to win lots of awards.''

The veteran actor will be attending the Oscars for the first time in four decades to present Best Animated Short, but he admitted he'd rather stay at home.

He said: ''[I always enjoyed] watching it in my pyjamas, saying 'Look at her hair!'.''

''Now I have to put on a tuxedo and be part of it because I'm presenting.

''Believe me, as big an honour as it is, to be part of it, it's much more fun to be watching it at home.''

And Mark won't even spend much time watching the ceremony because he thinks its more fun to stay backstage.

He said: ''I hope it's fun and light-hearted, you know?

''Sometimes it's shaded by causes and politics but I think it's a good time for everyone to just relax and enjoy themselves. I know that's what I'll do.

''What happens when you present is you go backstage early - and I don't come back to my seat. I just hang out backstage, eat all the free food and just stay away from my seat - there's always the seat-filler. Usually they're much more handsome than I am, so it's a win-win.''