Hamill, who has been voicing the comic book villain in animated Batman series for years, left fans more than a little unsettled by reading Trump's note as the Gotham City bad guy.

He tweeted an audio clip of The Joker reciting Trump's 31 December post: "Happy New Year to all, including to my many enemies and those who have fought me and lost so badly they just don't know what to do."

The tweet was sparked by comedy writer Matt Oswalt - the brother of comedian Patton Oswalt - who retweeted Trump's message on 31 December (16) and added: "This sounds like something the Joker would say right before releasing a swarm of killer bees into Gotham."

On Saturday (07Jan17), Oswalt tweeted: "BILLION DOLLAR IDEA: an App that you can feed every Trump tweet into that plays it back in @HamillHimself Joker voice."

Hamill responded: "As soon as I figure out how to tweet soundbites, I'd LOVE to. Nobody writes better super-villain dialogue than #Trumputin! #KremlinCandidate."

Twitter followers quickly came to Hamill's aid and the audio clip was created.