Mark Hamill felt frustrated by the strict security measures on the set of the new Star Wars film because he hated having to wear a head-to-toe cloak over his costume every time he left his trailer.

The Luke Skywalker actor has returned to the sci-fi franchise along with his original co-stars Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher for Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens, which was filmed at Pinewood Studios in Buckinghamshire, England.

Hamill has now revealed movie bosses went to extreme lengths to keep the film's details secret, and the actor wasn't impressed.

He tells the Los Angeles Times, "Oh, my God! It's just crazy town. First of all, the security. We had problems before with people leaking stuff, but I was saying to them, 'Is it really necessary to put on this giant robe with a hood that hangs down to your chest to go from my trailer to the sound stage?' They said, 'Drones.' I said, 'You're kidding! Really?'...

Hamill goes on to reveal he is baffled by the hype over the new film, and he urges fans not to get upset by the secrecy, adding, "I wish people would just relax. We're not trying to play games with people. We just want to maximise their experience at the movies where it should be seen and not have it leaked over the Internet... I'm telling you, it's just a movie. These people that build it up in their minds like it's going to be the second coming of, I don't know what - they're bound to be disappointed."