Mark Hamill, Kate Moss and Heidi Klum have come together to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the well-loved cartoon character Mickey Mouse.

The 66-year-old actor, the blonde supermodel and the lingerie designer are among more than 30 big name celebrities from around the globe who have agreed to be photographed by famous happy-snapper Rankin for a special edition book, 'Mickey Mouse & Me' to mark nine decades since the Disney mouse was first created.

The sketch book will include portraits of cultural icons and families paying tribute to Mickey Mouse - who first appeared on screen in 'Steamboat Willie' in 1928 - as they pose with a special edition black and white statue of the funny animal character.

It will also feature images of the world's biggest TV and film stars, musicians and models - including the likes of Professor Green, Sam Claflin and Hayley Atwell - wearing the iconic ears and giant white gloves Mickey Mouse is renowned for, plus their stories on the influence of Walt Disney's most famous creation on their lives.

Rankin, who brought all the icons together for the book, said: ''Mickey Mouse amazed me as a kid and 'Disney Fantasia' made me want to be involved in film. He is much more than a character, but a symbol of optimism, hope and inspiration for people from every walk of life, and you can see his influence in my photography over the years. This book pays tribute to the inspirational impact he has had on a generation and his journey from simple sketch to cultural icon over 90 years.''

'Mickey Mouse & Me' will be available exclusively on eBay over the summer and all proceeds will go to Together for Short Lives, the UK charity which provides support to seriously and terminally ill children, ensuring they receive the care they need.

Barbara Gelb OBE, CEO for Together for Short Lives, said: ''Together for Short Lives is so honoured to join the very special celebrations for Mickey's 90th anniversary.

''Mickey Mouse is loved by millions of children and families all over the globe, and his anniversary celebrations are now helping to bring even more magic and love to the UK's 49,000 seriously ill children and young people.''