Actor Mark Hamill has blasted critics for wrongly stating his career ended after Star Wars.

American Hamill - who played Luke Skywalker in the original George Lucas movies from 1977 to 1983 - has struggled to win roles in blockbuster films since becoming every boy's light saber-wielding hero.

But Hamill dismisses scathing reviews of his post-Star Wars career, insisting he has achieved many of his diverse ambitions.

He says of his critics, "Either they're not aware of my resume or they are unimpressed by it. I've always felt I've had a great diversity in what I've been able to do.

"I wanted to do theatre, and you're seen off-Broadway by maybe 100,000 people. Even the lowest-rated television show is seen by five million people.

"I am always most excited about the projects that I'm currently working on, and like to think that my biggest challenges lie ahead."

18/05/2005 17:27