STAR WARS star Mark Hamill is disgusted with the high prices the sci-fi trilogy's merchandise is being sold for and is urging fans to stop paying small fortunes for dolls and lunch boxes.

The actor, who played Luke Skywalker in the first three Star Wars movies, was horrified recently when he learned a pristine 12-inch (25.4 centimetres) doll of his character had been appraised by toy experts at a staggering $12,500 (GBP6,940).

He says, "Why would it cost that much money? It's shameful. Something like $12,000 - that's just obscene.

"I used to defend the merchandise, and I still do to a certain extent, because there's a supply and demand, and the kids want to play with it and sleep on it and eat it for breakfast with the cereal.

"But you sort of remove yourself from the memorabilia just for your own piece of mind. "

Hamill admits he too has been sucked in by the Star Wars merchandise craze at times.

He adds, "I have a few things, but, just as a note to potential burglars, they're in a warehouse, not in my house.

"They (Star Wars costumiers) actually made a miniature Luke costume for my son NATHAN, who is now 25. He looked so cute in this outfit as a toddler."

17/10/2004 14:14