Mark Feehily's New Year's resolution is to work hard and say ''yes'' to every opportunity offered to him.

The former Westlife singer Mark made a return to music in 2017, releasing his first festive album, titled 'Christmas' and supporting Mariah Carey on her 'All I Want For Christmas' UK tour.

Mark has been writing new songs for a new solo studio album and is wanted for some stage roles in musicals and he has made it his mission to stay busy because when he's not working he can get ''stuck in a rut'' at his home in Sligo, Ireland.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz, he said: ''I think my resolutions for 2018 are to keep myself very, very busy. One thing I've learnt over the years since Westlife finished is that it's all well and good to have your own time and not be busy but I feel that I'm happier when I'm busy. To keep saying 'yes' to things and keep working very hard, because I think if I just sit at home in Ireland that's when I kind of get stuck in a rut. I'm going to keep moving and keep going at all times.

''There are some very exciting projects in the pipeline for next year, but there are a couple of opportunities which are outside the recording side of entertainment. I've been getting a lot of acting offers for theatre and that's something that's always excited me. Myself the rest of the lads met through theatre before the Westlife thing, that's how we all got to know each other. It's about finding the right part or role, I wouldn't want to just jump into 'Grease' in the West End I want to do something that's a challenge to me and that I would have to really work hard at. I like the idea of something that's going to stretch me and something that I'm going to have to work really hard at doing.''

Mark, 37, is certain he will make a new album for 2018 but he'll be doing it more for his own personal satisfaction rather than to sell lots of copies.

The 'Flying Without Wings' hitmaker is adamant chart success isn't important to him now because he and the rest of Westlife - Shane Filan, Nicky Byrne and Kian Egan - were lucky enough to have 14 UK number ones before they disbanded in 2012.

Mark said: ''To me success isn't about chart positions, I'm not going to judge my albums on chart positions or sales figures like we did in Westlife. I've left that behind with Westlife, it's not that I don't want to sell s**t loads of records but it doesn't make my record a failure. That's important for me. Selling a million records doesn't always fulfil you. I want artistic fulfilment and personal fulfillment.''

Mark's new album 'Christmas' is out now.