The Hangin' With Mr. Cooper star reveals he was checking in for his first class flight to Los Angeles at the Delta Airlines counter at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport when he was given a rude welcome.

The black actor tells, "(I) just walked to (the) first class Delta counter in Dallas. The first thing the lady said to me (was), 'Do you have a loaded weapon?' What? Delta, all black people don't have loaded weapons! That's the first thing she said to me at (the) first class (desk). She didn't say hello, she said, 'Do you have a weapon?' She was black...!"

Curry admits the encounter was "weird" and "scary", and he was left even more baffled after the airline representative tried to defend her actions.

He continues, "She said, 'I thought I heard you say you had a loaded gun...' So if she'd pushed the (panic) button or did something (to alert security), I would've been killed! I'm a regular dude and I got money. All black people don't carry guns!"

A spokesperson for Delta Airlines has yet to comment on the reported incident.