British screenwriter Mark Burton and playwright David Edgar were among the protestors showing their support for Hollywood's striking writers by holding their own rally in London. The Writers Guild of America union members have been on strike since 5 November (07) after a dispute over royalties for material distributed over the Internet. And their U.K. counterparts have come out in force to help raise awareness of the WGA's plight, by setting up a picket line outside the Trades Union Congress building in London on Wednesday (28Nov07), holding red and black placards which read: "We support the Writers Guild of America". Burton, who has worked on animated comedies Madagascar and Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit, says, "(The issue at stake was) how you pay creative artists in the digital world. "Producers see an opportunity to seize more territory for themselves." And Edgar, president of the Writers' Guild of Great Britain, compared writers' relationship to their work to "the widget-maker's relationship to the widget once it is made - that is, none at all." Similar protests were also held in Paris, France; Berlin, Germany, and four Australian cities.